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La Troisième Note

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Our streaming or off line broadcasting system (music box)

allows customization of music programming in real time

to fit geographic locations, time slots and events.

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• High Quality music broadcasting.
• Extremely simple configuration.
• No geographical limits.
• Accesible Hotline 24H/24 , 7J/7


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Thanks to the RCA stereo output, the music box simply connects to an audio system (amplifier).

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Plug and Play in three simple actions :

• Plug the music player to a power outlet

• Plug the music player to the amplifier by a simple cable

• Plug the wifi antenna to the player with a flick of the wrist

In the very unlikely event of a cut in the Internet, and therefore the impossibility of the box player to reach his playlist in stream, then the music player automatically switches to musical content which has been loaded before delivery to you. The moment the internet connection is restarted, the player returns to its stream automatically.

Besides, the regular update of your music box allows you to play your music with using date traffic. 



Your playlists is geo-localizable all over the world and can vary from one place to another at will, while respecting the time slots. We adapt playlists to your needs with real-time responsiveness.



The playlists we make for you are streamed. The internal content of music players also makes it possible to broadcast offline and thus save bandwidth. Our music players are the most economical on the market. They are also compact which lightens their shipment. Our customer experience attests to their lasting solidity. 

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